AI in Retail: Services in Forecasting, Promo and More

You already know that demand forecasting is personal to your organization. There's no out-of-the-box solution that is a quick fix.

Our team is here to help accelerate your AI demand forecasting agenda. We provide external data sources, pre-built tools, and a team skilled at the intersection of data engineering, demand planning and AI.

Exploring collaborations with SCALE AI? Granularity is a startup partner.

Looking for startup partners for your SCALE AI project? Granularity is proud to be a member of the SCALE AI ecosystem, aiding Canadian companies in adopting AI & machine learning for demand forecasting and retail.

  • Data streaming from external sources: Pipelines for raw data streamed from TikTok, Amazon, Google searches, and others
  • Trend indicators & predictions: Market data cleansed and transformed insights on retail products generated from external data sources
  • DE & DS Skills in Forecasting, Planning and Retail Data

Read about how we drive AI adoption in demand planning

Are you wondering how Granularity implements artificial intelligence to enhance demand forecasting? We explain how to do this to create transparent and adoptable forecasts.

  • Interpretable AI models
  • Enablement and training
  • Champion-led user adoption
  • Process transformation
  • MLops for scalable production
  • Creating interactive simulations

We're here to help you drive value

Building a data-driven organization is hard. We're here to help you every step of the way. Finding data sources, aggragating Granularity's Trend Platform, and building data pipelines are just a few of the things we can help you with.

1 million +

Social media, search results, and youtube videos analyzed.

Our team are experts in analysis of unstructured data.

14% more revenue

We're proud to say that our customers have seen up to a 14% increase in revenue.

Through refining order fulfillment, product selection, and marketing to hit the trends, we've helped our customers increase their revenue.

4% savings

By saving our customers on inventory

We've helped our customers save up to 4% on inventory costs by helping them predict which products will be trending.

"Working with Granularity brought together our tech team, demand planners, category managers and marketing into one room. Their team was great at navigating the different domains. This helped us build solutions that really hit the mark."

Head of Analytics
Canadian Retailer

"The automation of data pipelines was executed flawlessly by the team. This integration not only streamlined our operations but also set a new benchmark for efficiency in our workspace."

Chief Data Officer
Direct-to-consumer brand

"The Granularity team assisted us in integrating a diverse array of new data sources into our existing ones. Our team was thrilled to uncover such insightful and unique market data, information we had never leveraged before."

Director of BI
Consumer Goods Company

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