Next Gen Social Listening for Products

Granularity is the only social listening platform ingesting Tiktok, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and others to find product trends.


The Problem

Marketers spend 2 hours per day scrolling social media.

Store managers ask floor staff to check social media for trends.

Granularity is a platform that helps you make data-driven decisions based off social media.

One pan meal trend +87% Youtube

Meunster cheese trend +234% TikTok

Our Solution

The Consumer Demand Hub

finds product trends in minutes.

By processing & predicting thousands of signals with AI.

App screenshot
Marketing Campaign Discovery.
Uncover innovative marketing campaign ideas to propel your brand forward.
Platform Relevance Analysis.
Evaluate content relevance across different platforms to maximize engagement.
Trend Validation.
Determine the authenticity of trends to align your team’s strategy effectively.
Trend-Focused Content Creation.
Create adaptable content that evolves and grows with emerging trends.
Product Category Identification.
Identify and exploit untapped product categories to gain market advantage.

5 out of 5 stars

"Granularity found trends that no one else could. Suddenly, our team was ahead of the curve and we were able to see through the noise."

Nenad Ivanovic
CEO of 3-on-3 Basketball Canada
By strategically sharing content related to these trends during their ascent, brands can enhance their engagement and ride the wave of growing interest.
Boost engagement by 3x to 5x
Crafting highly engaging content that drives organic reach, diminishing the reliance on paid media and fostering significant growth in organic media engagement
Reduce CPM by 2 to 3%
Allowing teams to focus on execution rather than scrolling through social media for ideas.
Decrease research by 5 to 10 hrs/week

Stop chasing the market. Start leading it.
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