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Dog days of summer? Expect to see Halloween stuff in stores, and it's there earlier each year

Data compiled by Granularity, a trend forecasting service that uses AI to predict future demand, supports the theory that the expansion of the Halloween season isn't simply a hunch...

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“There's nowhere else to get the insights we've gotten from Granularity. It's integral to our product planning cycle.”

Demand Planner
Mid-Sized Fashion & Apparel Retailer

“Before we worked with Granularity, we didn't know if a product's drop in sales happened because of something we did or a wider trend. Now we've got a much better idea.”

Category Manager
Food & Beverage DTC Brand

“I was previously looking at Tiktok on the floor of the retail store. I was asking employees to do the same. We were playing catchup on trends. Granularity's gotten us ahead of the game.”

Marketing Specialist
Fashion & Apparel Retailer

“Product innovation before was not data-based, at least with our company. Now we're making decisions off data we could only imagine having before.”

Product Innovation Analyst
Home Goods Product Manufacturer

“It was hard to let go of our old way of doing things, but Granularity's made it easy. We're making better decisions and we're doing it faster.”

Inventory Manager
Mid-Sized Fashion & Apparel Retailer

“I used to have to try and explain why we under or over-ordered a product. Now I can just show the data.”

Demand Planner
Consumer Goods Company
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